Christine Gould MA, C.Hyp, DABCH, MABCH, MCAHyp

 At the Abington Clinic hypnotherapy is available for anyone wishing to overcome problems, enhance and maximise their artistic, creative or sporting potential.

 Solution focused hypnotherapy is effective for treating anxiety, stress, depression, trauma and a host of other issues. In the 1950’s hypnotherapy was endorsed by the American Medical Association and the British Medical Association for its therapeutic benefits. 

 What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy takes place with the cooperation of a client, while in hypnosis, when they have access to their subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is similar to a computer where memories, behavioural traits and emotions are stored. Most programmes are outdated because they were established at a young age. A skilled hypnotherapist assists clients to reprogramme their files thereby, capitalise on accumulated knowledge and life experiences. Hypnotherapy facilitates rapid and long-term change in accordance with a client’s desired outcomes. 

Generally, between three to six sessions are sufficient however, much depends on each individual client’s needs.

Understanding Hypnosis

Contrary to a popular myth, hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness – not unconsciousness. Everyone is familiar with hypnosis because it is the phase we pass through when drifting to sleep and waking up. During the day we drift in and out of various levels of consciousness, often described as ‘daydreaming’. 

With hypnosis being a natural phenomenon there are no detrimental side effects. Most people feel very relaxed, are awake, aware of what is happening in their immediate environment and are always in total control. In hypnosis no one would say or do something they wouldn’t normally do when fully conscious. Whereas, people who participate in live shows have volunteered to behave in an uninhibited manner.

About the Hypnotherapist

Christine Gould, MA, C.Hyp, DABCH, MABCH, MCAHyp, is an accomplished Hypnotherapist with thirty years of experience working in Private Practice and the National Health Service. For 17 years, Christine was a member of a multi-disciplinary team at the Pain Relief Clinic, Northampton General Hospital. Her primary role was teaching chronic pain sufferers self-hypnosis and pain management skills. In recent years Christine has worked extensively with oncology patients and their families, particularly those attending the Children’s Outpatients Department.


With her background in education, when Christine specialised working with children experiencing learning, emotional and behavioural problems, a significant number of clients are youngsters.


Some of the issues hypnotherapy may help with:

Addictions                              Fears                                            Public Speaking

Anxiety                                   Hay fever                                          Relationship Issues

Confidence                            Irritable Bowel Syndrome           Psoriasis

Depression                           Learning problems                      Smoking

Diabetes                                 Panic Attacks                               Sports Abilities

Eating disorders                    Pain Management.                       Stress            

Exam nerves              

Making a hypnotherapy appointment

To make an appointment call 01604 451200 or email abington.clinic@gmail.com